Lollipop The Lollipop Tree Lollipop

Lollipop Tree
One fine day in early spring,
I played a funny trick.
In the yard behind our house,
I planted a lollipop stick.

Then every day I watered it well,
And watched it carefully.
I hoped one day that stick would grow
To be a lollipop tree.

Then one day I woke to find
A very lovely sight.
A tree all full of lollipops
Had grown in during the night!

Lollipop Tree
Well, I sat beneath that wonderful tree,
And looked up with a grin.
And when I opened up my mouth
A lollipop dropped right in!

Winter came and the days grew cold,
As winter days will do.
And on my tree, my lovely tree,
Not one new lollipop grew.

From every branch an icicle hung;
The limbs were bare as bones.
But when I broke those icicles off,
The turned into ice cream cones!

Ice Cream Cone Ice Cream ConeIce Cream ConeIce Cream ConeIce Cream ConeIce Cream ConeIce Cream ConeIce Cream Cone

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