There was a little woman
There was a little woman, as I’ve been told,
Who was not very young, nor yet very old;
Now this little woman her living got
By selling codlins, hot, hot, hot!

Codlin: A greenish elongated English apple used for cooking. An apple fit to stew or coddle.
Recipe: Hot Codlins
Take half a dozen codlins, or any other good apples, pare and core them, make a little cold butter paste, and roll it up about the thickness of your finger, so lap around every apple, and tie them single in a fine cloth, boil them in a little salt and water, and let the water boil before you put them in; half an hour will boil them; you must have for sauce a little white wine and butter; grate some sugar round the dish, and serve them up.
English Housewifery Exemplified

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